ENERGYNC | Did you know: Interesting Facts about Water and pH
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Did you know: Interesting Facts about Water and pH

Did you know: Interesting Facts about Water and pH


The pH of a substance is a compound perusing of how acidic or essential/antacid it is. Your body firmly directs pH levels to keep up by and large great wellbeing. Distinctive organs, cell composes and compartments inside cells keep up different pH levels relying upon their physiological jobs. Exercise, eating routine and meds may change your body’s pH. Take a look at a few interesting facts about water and pH below:

1. We are 90% water at birth, slowly reducing to as little as 10% in old age.

2. Reduction in body hydration or body water has been linked with increasing acidification of the body.

3. Enzyme absorption may be directly related to correct body pH levels. This would mean an acidic body = low enzyme absorption.

4. Absorption of minerals from supplement and food absorption may be directly related to pH balance of the body. Iodine, as an example, may not be absorbed except by a perfectly pH balanced body. All major organs work in service of the blood.

5. If blood pH lowers (i.e. becomes more acidic) all other body functions are used to support correction to pH 7.35 If our blood pH drops from 7.35 to lower than 7, we may lapse into a coma and die.

6. Breath is a major alkalizer. Deep breathing converts waste carbonic acid into CO2 (exhaled) and harmless salts.

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