ENERGYNC | #WhatsTheWordWednesday: Clear Fruit Review
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#WhatsTheWordWednesday: Clear Fruit Review

#WhatsTheWordWednesday: Clear Fruit Review


Clear Fruit is described as normally enhanced, non-carbonated waters contains no additives, is without sodium, and under 100 calories for each serving. As an invigorating choice to plain water, Clear Fruit conveys a delectable natural product season in each container! With the mouth-watering taste of cherry, strawberry watermelon, pineapple, cranberry, grape, peach, orange mango and then some.

Clear Fruit is a drink that is unfortunately, not located everywhere. In order to purchase these drinks, you can buy them online, or even find them at your local convenient store that you probably pass by more than you think.

Lisa Modelgirl Cov, a YouTube Blogger, describes her experience with Clear Fruit in the flavor of kiwi strawberry. check out her review and what she thinks at: